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Please keep in mind not all Chiller Classics are available in digital format and some are difficult to locate the Publishing Copyright owners. Some films are public domain. Do not feel discourage or upset because your movie pick was not approved for the month. We at Chiller Thriller TV will make every effort to fulfill your movie request.


Before filling out the form below, please adhere to the following:

  • The movie must be released between the years 1930 - 1989s.

  • The movie rating may not be higher than Rated R.

  • Only movies genres horror classics and science fiction classics will be approved.

  • One movie request per viewer per month.

  • The same movie cannot be requested within 60 days.  Some exceptions may apply when special marathons are featured.

  • TV Shows requests will not be accepted.  You may request a TV movie if licensing is available.

  • Requested movies will only be available for 30 days for viewing.  Some movie titles may be extended due to high viewership statistics.

Movie Request will appear on the 1st of every month.  Please be sure to verify if your movie is not featured on the channel before placing your request. Check all categories on Chiller Thriller TV (Giant Monsters Section, John Zacherle's Vault etc.)

You will be contacted by email on the status of your movie request.


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You Pick It and We Play It

What's Your Favorite Chiller Thriller Classic? Every 15th of the month Chiller Thriller gives their viewers the opportunity to program the channel with their favorite Chiller classic they have not seen in a long time. Their movie pick will appear in the Viewer's Request section for quick access on the first of every month.