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It's Chiller Time!

If you didn't live in New York City back in the '60s and '70s, you may not recognize that animated creepy six-fingered claymation hand.  This was the 20-Second opening clip of The Chiller Show aired on Channel 11 WPIX New York in the '60s through the early 80's.  In fact, sometimes the creepy hand was more frightening than the actual featured movie that was showcased on the show.  It was also played after the commercial break before the movie resumed.  Other local channels had their own horror shows (WMAQ-TV Chicago had "Thrillerama" and WBKB-TV called their horror show "Shock Theatre").  Horror TV shows were quite popular from 1950's to 1980's.

We had excellent TV programming on our local network channels and superstations like WPIX Channel 11 and WWOR TV Channel 9.  Allow me to paint this picture for you. When I was a young child living in The Bronx of New York City, we didn’t have Cable TV in the '60s, ’70s, and '80s.  We didn't need it with all the great programming our local television stations provided.  Before Chiller Theater came on the air at 8 pm every Saturday on WPIX, and sometimes 11 pm when it was postponed due to the Yankee ball game, I had three tasks to complete before that creepy claymation opening clip began at 8 pm.

  1. 30 minutes before the show began with the opening six-fingered hand eating the words "CHILLER" I had to adjust the rabbit indoor VHF antenna on the TV set to ensure a clear reception.  My family was poor and could not afford either an indoor rabbit antenna or a VHF/UHF antenna that was mounted on the roof.  We improvised by creating our own ghetto TV antenna version with some aluminum foil and a coat hanger.  Although the reception on our TV set had a ghosting effect with double images and a little snowy static, it was sufficient enough to enjoy our favorite Horror and Science Fiction films on the “Chiller Theatre” show.  Sure, we saw two Bela Lugosi's and two Creatures From The Black Lagoon on our 19-inch black and white TV but it made the movie scarier.

  2. After adjusting the antenna for clear TV reception, it was time to prepare the snacks that consisted of Spanish cheese called Queso De Papa (Mild Cheddar Cheese), a box of Ritz Crackers or Saltine Crackers (whichever was available at the time) and a cup of Bustelo Coffee with milk to ensure we stayed awake until the end of the movie.

  3. We Locked the closet door so the boogieman would not escape, turned off the lights, got under the bed sheets covers and IT WAS CHILLER TIME!  Brewster M. Cago

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